ISPOR members initiate special interest groups within a topic area to advance health economic and outcomes research and the use of this research in healthcare decisions. Special interest groups develop scientific and educational work products, monitor trends, and disseminate information to members.

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Membership and Structure of Special Interest Groups

Special interest group membership is open to all ISPOR members. You may join a Special Interest Group at any time, and you do not need to be an expert in the topic area. You can join a group to learn more about the topic by attending webinars, journal clubs, virtual sessions, and network with other members.  

There are opportunities to become more active in leadership roles, such as special interest group chair-elect, chair, past chair or an operational lead or a co-chair of member engagement or key project. Diversity in stakeholders, geographic area, gender, and racial diversity is supported.

All publications and work products are published on the special interest group’s webpage. Some special interest groups also conduct Journal Clubs to discuss important articles on their group’s topic of interest.


Special Interest Group Leadership

Each special interest group is led by a Chair, Chair-Elect and Past Chair who serve in each position for a 1-year term resulting in a 3-year commitment.

They are assisted in this by an Operational Lead, Member Engagement Co-Chairs and Key Project Co-Chairs

Diversity in stakeholders, geographic area, gender, and racial diversity is encouraged. See the ISPOR Diversity Policy here.

Responsibilities of Leadership

  • Provide overall direction and leadership
  • Identify topics for the group to address and the appropriate platforms for that delivery
  • Work with the working group co-chairs to ensure the timeliness of all projects and address any issues within the group
  • Provide updates to the special interest group membership and report on the progress of the special interest group projects via the yearly business plan to ISPOR Scientific Officers
  • Recruit new special interest group members

An Operational Lead works closely with the Leadership Chairs in coordinating the overall SIG activities and providing support for activities. Activities can include setting SIG strategic direction, coordinating calls, developing agendas and minutes, and assist in planning SIG events.

Special Interest Group Work Products

Key Project

Members in this group develop research-based projects.   These activities, such as literature reviews, focus groups, Delphi panels, or surveys often result in producing a publication and a presentation. Leaders of these projects must be subject matter experts. Examples of key projects include:

  • Peer-reviewed manuscript in Value in Health 
  • White paper in Value Outcomes & Spotlight
  • Short courses

Member Engagement

These activities allow for a variety of members to participate and facilitates disseminating content. Leaders should have a keen awareness of current or hot topics, and a willingness to research and develop the specific topic, as well as reach out to other members and potential speakers  

  • Journal Club
  • Educational Webinars
  • Presentation at ISPOR conferences or other organization meetings
  • Stimulate discussions among an ISPOR Special Interest Group Member Community

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