Emerging Frontiers and Opportunities: Special Populations and Technologies

Thank you for attending live Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021. Access to the virtual platform is available until 2 January, 2022 which includes on demand viewing of all Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021 content, posters, networking & exhibits.  Slide presentations from the virtual conference  will be available (subject to speaker approval)  within  the ISPOR Presentation Database and  within  the Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021  Program page beginning  15  January,  2022.

The conference theme for Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021 is “Emerging Frontiers and Opportunities: Special Populations and Technologies.” In recent years, rare diseases, digital therapeutics, personalized medicine, cell and gene therapies, and other new therapeutic approaches have stretched our data and methodological capabilities. Furthermore, issues associated with these special populations and technologies have important implications for a range of healthcare decisions, from regulatory pathways to coverage, reimbursement, and shared clinical decision making. Virtual ISPOR Europe 2021 will feature HEOR scientists and stakeholders who work on these key challenges and highlight innovative solutions, advances in HEOR, as well as examples of how partnerships and dialogue with other disciplines are contributing to address these issues.