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ISPOR 2021: HEOR—Evolving for Tomorrow's Challenges

Virtual ISPOR 2021 News CenterDuring 2020, many professions, research fields, and industries were forced to an inflection point, requiring verification of direction and opportunities to chart a new roadmap for development. Healthcare systems’ resilience and sustainability is being tested to its maximum, challenging prepandemic priorities under unprecedented resource constraints. This has highlighted opportunities and challenges in HEOR methods, practices, and application including our ability to respond effectively.

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Healthcare System Resilience and Sustainability

Virtual ISPOR 2021 Plenary 1COVID-19 has brought the strengths and weaknesses of health systems around the world into sharp relief. Health systems have responded more quickly and more cohesively than many thought possible. This first plenary session explores how HEOR experts can help build resilient healthcare systems, considers what useful lessons we have learned from the pandemic, and examines what health systems need from the HEOR community to help build resilience and sustainability in healthcare systems.

Building a More Resilient and Sustainable Health System [AJMC]

Dr Vivian Lee on HEOR Integration Amid COVID-19, Implications for Value-Based Care Transition [AJMC Video]

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HEOR in the Era of COVID-19 [On-Demand Plenary Session Featuring Mark McClellan, MD, PhD, Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy] 


Public Health... Economics?

Virtual ISPOR 2021 Plenary 2The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted major methodological issues regarding the assessment of value, the trade-offs involved, and the approaches to estimating the public health and economic consequences. This plenary session explores an expanded perspective on HEOR scope and application and examine, in turn, possible lessons for our consideration of value and its assessment.

Dr J. Jaime Caro Discusses Influence of HEOR, Public Health Amid COVID-19 [AJMC Video]


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Balancing Economics and Ethics: How Can VA/HTA Support Equitable Resource Allocation? [ISPOR-IVI Webinar 3 of 5]

The Role of Public Health – How can VA/HTA Inform Pandemic Policy Interventions and Public Resource Allocation? [ISPOR-IVI Webinar 4 of 5]

Using VA/HTA in Pursuing Innovation and Access in a Pandemic [ISPOR-IVI Webinar 5 of 5]

Novel Collaborations and New Players

Virtual ISPOR 2021 Plenary 3New and interesting HEOR collaborations are emerging to address the extraordinary challenges many countries face today with their health systems and that also focus on health technology innovation. This session brings together thought leaders from government, payers, technology, and academia who are doing things differently in healthcare to share examples and thoughts on how this may reshape the world of HEOR.

New Partnerships Bring New Opportunities, Challenges With Data in HEOR [AJMC]

Dr Amy Abernethy: Collaboration Key to Optimize Interpretation of Data in the Evolving HEOR Landscape [AJMC Video]

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HTA, the Patient Perspective, Vaccines, and More

Additional News From the Conference

And other reporting on Virtual ISPOR 2021 sessions included the following:

Innovative Contracts Can Address the Value Elements of CGP in Cancer [AJMC]

US Health Plans Addressing Rising Drug Costs With Step Therapy, Value Assessment Frameworks [AJMC]

AbbVie Study Highlights Switching Costs for Rheumatic Biosimilars [The Center for Biosimilars]

Health Care Use Among Patients With COPD With Pneumonia and the Cost Savings of Switching to Triple Therapy [AJMC]

Kaiser Permanente Investigators Confirm Mvasi Safety and Efficacy in Population With Nonsquamous NSCLC [The Center for Biosimilars]

German Study Calculates Adalimumab Biosimilar Savings From Earlier Intervention [The Center for Biosimilars]

Study Finds Nearly Half of Payers Believe Innovative Contracts Can Lead to Lower Patient Out-of-Pocket Costs [The Catalyst]

New Data on EVO100 for the Prevention of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in Women to be Presented at ISPOR 2021 [BiotechBlog]

New Data Shows Devastating Impact of AADC Deficiency on Caregivers [Stockhouse]

Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Announces Podium and Poster Presentations at the Virtual ISPOR 2021 Conference [Yahoo! Finance]

G1 Therapeutics Presents Two Posters at ISPOR 2021 Describing the Estimated Economic Impact of Treating Myelosuppression Among Patients with Extensive-Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer [Yahoo! Finance]

Elevar Therapeutics Announce New Data Highlighting Patient Burden and Unmet Needs Associated with Cremophor-Based Cancer Treatments [Yahoo! Finance]

PreTRM® Test-And-Treat Strategy to Improve Maternal and Infant Health Among Commercially Insured in the US [Yahoo! Finance]

Decreases in Healthcare Resource Utilization and Associated Costs in Patients Using reSET-O in Treating Opioid Use Disorder [FirstWord MedTech

Trevena Announces Presentations of OLINVYK® Health Economic Models at ISPOR 2021 [USA Life Sciences]

New data from all cohorts of Phase 1 Single Ascending Dose clinical trial accepted for oral presentation at e-ECE 2021 [Pharmiweb.com News]

Rituximab Bests Mycophenolate Mofetil for Pemphigus [BreakingMed News]

Cala Health Reports New Data Presented at ISPOR, Highlighting Essential Tremor (ET)-Related Comorbidities and Economic Burden [Yahoo! Finance]

PhaseBio Highlights Real-World Healthcare Cost and Bleeding Cost Data Featured at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomic and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) Virtual 2021 Conference [TMC Net News]

Patients With Essential Tremor Experience High Economic Burden [Neurology Live]

Infliximab Switching Study Demonstrates Biosimilar Equivalence [The Center for Biosimilars]

Significant HCRU and Cost Burden for Patients With AML Who Relapse [AJMC]

Oncologists Highlight Treatment, Patient Attributes That Impact Decision-making for CLL [AJMC]

Study Evaluates Insulin Availability in the Philippines [The Center for Biosimilars]

SEER Data Shows Real World Burden of Myelosuppression in Elderly Patients with SCLC [Targeted Oncology]

Data Announced on the Estimated Economic Impact of Treating Myelosuppression for ES-SCLC [Cancer Network]

Caring for Children With AADC-d Impacts Parental Ability to Work, Study Shows [AJMC]

Later Lines of Therapy Increase Humanistic and Economic Burden in CML [AJMC]


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