This Regional Chapter Resource Center provides ISPOR chapter leaders with chapter development, membership, governance, policies, available trainings, and recognition opportunities.

ISPOR Regional Chapter Handbook

This handbook provides resources and guidance to ISPOR Regional Chapter Leadership helping them to succeed in their roles. It is a living document that is periodically updated to reflect new programs, opportunities, and policies. The handbook is divided into 6 sections focused on ISPOR Regional Chapters, Policies and Procedures, Member Engagement, Communication and Promotion, Best Practices through Case Studies, and Templates.

ISPOR Outstanding Chapter Award Program

The ISPOR Outstanding Chapter Award was established in 2017 to recognize the exceptional contribution and leadership of ISPOR Regional Chapters in advancing the ISPOR mission in ISPOR global regions Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. The award is offered in 3 categories based on chapter membership size: small, medium, large. ISPOR staff assesses the chapter’s contributions by applying eligibility and selection criteria in their review of the information available from the Chapter Annual Reports, chapter input to ISPOR publications, and ISPOR activities throughout the year.

ISPOR Outstanding Regional Chapter Award - Description (PDF)

Large category: ISPOR Italy-Rome Chapter 
Medium category: ISPOR Lebanon Chapter 
Small category: ISPOR Chile Chapter

Large category: ISPOR Shanghai Chapter 
Medium category: ISPOR Slovakia Chapter 
Small category: ISPOR Argentina Chapter


Large category: ISPOR Ukraine Chapter

Medium category: ISPOR Egypt Chapter

Small category: ISPOR Bulgaria Chapter

Large category: ISPOR Mexico Chapter
Medium category: ISPOR Mongolia Chapter
Small category: ISPOR Austria Chapter

Large category: ISPOR Colombia Chapter
Medium category: ISPOR West China Chapter
Small category: ISPOR Russia St Petersburg Chapter

Large category: ISPOR Mexico Chapter
Medium category: ISPOR Colombia Chapter
Small category: ISPOR Russia St. Petersburg Chapter

ISPOR Chapter Leadership Training

These interactive trainings are designed for ISPOR Regional Chapter and ISPOR Consortium leaders to support capacity building and leadership development. The trainings provide information on recent trends related to HEOR methodology or health policy, and they also equip ISPOR leaders with techniques to be successful in their ISPOR leadership roles, including ways to engage with the Society and chapter management requirements. This program also offers opportunities for ISPOR leaders to learn from their peers about important topics such as successful approaches for member engagement, member growth, leadership succession, event management, research and publication success, stakeholder involvement, and many others. These trainings are organized by the ISPOR Global Networks team and held during ISPOR conferences or via webinar platform.

Past Trainings:

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution, Digital Transformation and Patient Centricity: A Leadership View - December 15, 2020. Webinar and Summary
  • Role of Digital Therapeutics in Reshaping the Future of Healthcare - July 15, 2020. Webinar and Summary
  • The Leader's Vision: Value-Based Medicine and Leadership Training – April 28, 2020. Presented in Spanish. Webinar
  • During ISPOR 2019, May 18-22, New Orleans, LA, USA - Training Report
  • During ISPOR Europe 2018, 11 November, Barcelona, Spain - Training Report
  • During ISPOR 2018, May 21, Baltimore, MD, USA
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