We are excited to invite your organization to participate in a transformative collaboration focused on advancing patient-centered research. At ISPOR, we are passionately committed to propelling the frontier of patient-centered research by fostering a platform where health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) scientists and patient representatives converge to explore the latest developments in patient-centered research methodologies and global policies.  

The primary objective of this Summit is to serve as a nexus for professionals and stakeholders invested in the evolution of patient-centered research and aims to draw a passionate global audience including HEOR professionals, patient representatives, health technology assessment (HTA) professionals, regulatory experts, and payers, providing a platform to explore the forefront of patient-centered research. 

Your organization’s expertise and insights are pivotal to propelling this impactful topic forward, and we believe that your commitment to patient-centered research and HEOR will enrich the Summit experience and signify a shared commitment to driving meaningful advancements in patient-centered research methodologies and policies. 

Please take a moment to carefully review sponsorship opportunities outlined below.  

Networking Reception Sponsor 

Partner with us as a sponsor of our ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024 Networking Reception and signify your commitment to advancing patient-centered care while maximizing your brand exposure, networking opportunities, and thought leadership impact within our influential community 

Benefits include  

  • Company logo on ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024 website  

  • Recognition as Networking Reception Sponsor 

  • One complimentary ISPOR 2024 Conference Registration  

  • One complimentary Summit Registration  

General Support Sponsor  

Demonstrate your unwavering commitment to championing patient-centric initiatives by providing critical support for this impactful summit. Your mission-driven General Support Sponsorship directly contributes to the success and significance of advancing patient-centered research.  

Benefits include  

  • Company logo on ISPOR Patient-Centered Research Summit 2024 website  

  • Recognition as General Support Sponsor 

  • Two complimentary ISPOR 2024 Conference Registrations  

  • Two complimentary Summit Registrations  

To secure your participation or inquire further about these options, kindly reach out to us at sponsor@ispor.org at your earliest convenience. We look forward to discussing how your involvement can benefit both your organization and the advancement of our shared objectives. 

General Support Sponsors